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Welcome to the wedding reception of Marvin and Nancy.  My name is Tanya, the proud mother of the groom.  Would everyone here agree that the wedding was downright beautiful?  I still haven't quite come down emotionally from the ceremony!  It isn't really traditional for the groom's mom to give a reception speech, however I just can't resist saying a few words about my son and his new wife.  I promise to be as brief as possible!

It seemed like only a short time ago that Marvin made his grand entrance into the world. I fondly recall when Marvin spoke his very first words and took his first couple of steps. I cried when I dropped Marvin off at school during his first day of kindergarten.  Marvin actually didn't cry - he was ready to meet new kids!  Over the years, I have marveled as my son grew into a teenager, then later into a grown man!

Even though I was a single parent, raising Marvin was relatively easy.  My son never really gave me any problems.  Marvin was always highly selective of the friends he associated with.  He was also quite particular as far as the females he dated.  My son always had high standards when it came to females.   When Marvin first introduced me to Nancy, I readily knew that she was special!  My new daughter-in-law is no ordinary chick!

I love how Marvin and Nancy interact with each other.  Even when they don't see eye to eye about something, they both sit down and talk things over like mature adults. Whatever disagreement they had is usually settled by the end of the day.  Even if the issue isn't fully resolved, they don't go to bed angry.  More couples should follow their example!  I can't ever see this newly married couple adding to the divorce rate!  Marvin and Nancy regularly find new things to do such as going to the opera theatre, the art museum, and the ice skating rink.  They have been together for four years, but they constantly strive to keep their relationship fresh!

I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude towards Nancy's mom for doing a terrific job of raising a beautiful and classy young lady.  Like me, you are also a single parent.  I can imagine the additional challenges that you had to deal with bringing up a girl in this crazy world.  Much respect goes out to you!  Nancy is the perfect spouse for my son. Welcome to the family!

I really don't have too much advice to share.  Simply continue to do the things that attracted you two to each other.  Don't let being officially married change your relationship.  Keep on going out on nice dates and engaging in unique activities.  Most importantly, continue to communicate and listen effectively.

Before I close out my speech, I want to thank the best man, maid of honor, groomsmen, bridesmaids, and everyone else who contributed towards making this wedding day memorable for all of the right reasons.  Also thanks to everyone in attendance.  This day wouldn't be special without your presence!

Let us all raise from our seats with wine glasses held high.  I hereby toast the newlyweds, Marvin and Nancy!  May every single minute of your marriage be filled with love, laughter, respect, and endless joy!