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Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Let me introduce myself. My name is Karen and I 

am Mary’s Maid of Honor. My friendship with Mary goes back 15 years when we were 

9th grade classmates. Mary, you look simply marvelous today! Before I begin my 

speech, I would like to acknowledge the Bridal Party and everyone else who assisted to 

make this day truly amazing. I want to also give special thanks to Mary and Richard’s 

parents. They worked extremely hard and always cooperated with me in planning and 

organizing the entire wedding day. Lastly, I wish to extend my appreciation to all of the 

family and friends who are in attendance today.

When Mary asked me to be her Maid of Honor four months ago, I felt really excited…

until I found out that one of my many duties included giving a speech!  I wondered what    
I could have done to Mary to upset her so!  However, after thinking for a few minutes, I 

realized that Mary loves me and deeply cherishes our friendship. Mary always showed 

confidence toward me. So here I am standing before you all! By the time I finish 

assassinating Mary’s character, she probably would have wished that I was too ill to talk 

today! Mary, are you sweating over there? Okay, I will go easy on you…somewhat!

As previously mentioned, me and Mary met during our freshmen year in high school.  

We both loved English and Biology. We spent many hours during the semester studying 

together. Of course, being teenage girls, we also talked endlessly about all of the cute 

boys. We used to bet money on who can obtain the most phone numbers in a week! 

During one week in particular, I witnessed Mary stopping by the recordkeeping office 

more than once. It seemed odd because she usually avoided going into any school 

offices! Anyway, at the end of that week, I totaled 5 boys’ phone numbers. Mary on the 

other hand, showed me 40 phone numbers! I carefully looked at the boys names and 

quickly realized that three of the boys moved out of town! Mary confessed that she 

obtained those numbers from the recordkeeping office. I had a huge grin on my face as 

Mary paid off the bet!

One guy that Mary didn’t need to cheat to get is her husband Richard. Don’t they look 

so adorable sitting side by side! Mary met Richard while in college. They bumped into 

each other at the library. It really was love at first sight. They hit it off immediately. They 

went out about town every weekend. Every time that I visited Mary, she was in a great 

mood. She would speak on end about all of the things that she did with Richard…clean 

or otherwise!

All kidding aside, I am 100% confident that this marriage will last forever. I would be 

surprised as well as disappointed, if Mary were to ask me to be her Maid of Honor once 

again. Over the past few years, I have gotten to know Richard pretty well. We have 

developed a rather close relationship. I consider Richard to be the brother that I never 

had. Richard is intelligent, sincere, and caring. He puts the feelings of others, especially 

Mary’s, ahead of his own. Mary is one truly lucky woman to have landed him! Richard is 

fortunate as well for Mary being in his life. Mary is smart, trustworthy, and highly 

dedicated in all that she does.

Let me share a few words of wisdom with the newlyweds. Mary, always treat Richard 

with the upmost respect. Have regard for his feelings. Allow your husband to think for 

himself, don’t treat him like a puppet! Richard, always remember to say “I love you 

Mary" and if necessary, “I’m sorry dear”. One last thing Richard, never ever challenge 

Mary to a bet!

Mary and Richard, I congratulate you two on the new life that you are about to partake 

together. My heart is full with joy and happiness on this special day!

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to request that you all stand up and raise your 

glasses in a toast to Mary and Richard…Congratulations! May your life together be 

abundant with adventure and lots of love!