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Ladies and gentlemen, I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude for you coming out to share in this joyous occasion.  I would like to especially recognize those individuals who had to travel from long distances.  I can't believe that some of you would go through such great lengths simply to receive a free meal - just kidding! Thanks a million for your presence!    Thank you for the numerous gifts and cash.  The honeymoon will be enjoyable.  The gift opening and check cashing will be just as nice!  I am so happy to officially and legally be able to refer to Angela as 'my wife'.  Angela is everything in the world to me.  I have no idea where I would be today without Angela in my life.

Before I talk further about my wife, I would like to thank a few individuals.  I need to start off with Charles, my best man, whose speech will be following mines. Charles introduced me to Angela three years ago at the church which we all attend.  Charles assured Angela that I wasn't the Devil, even if I do think evil thoughts from time to time! I take it that my wife believed him!  Charles is always available to listen and occasionally counsel me, whenever I needed relationship advice. Sometimes I would drive Charles crazy but he always patient and reassuring.  Charles is a true and blue 'best man' indeed!  Perhaps one day I can introduce Charles to his future wife!

I wish to thank Angela parents for the love and support that they have shown towards me.  When Angela first took me into her home to meet her parents, I was somewhat nervous.  Angela's dad took me outside and put me (well he tried anyway) at ease!  He let me know that his daughter mentioned great things about me. He said that I can be relaxed around the family...as long as I always did what he wanted!

To my Mom and Dad, the two of you have been truly marvelous parents.  I feel like the luckiest kid in the world - even as an adult!  You have always supported my aspirations and dreams.  You have been great towards Angela.  I am grateful for the advice and support given to me and my wife during the entire wedding process.  

As a token of our appreciation, me and Angela have flowers and a small gift for both sets of parents.  We love you!

As I previously mentioned, me and my wife met at our church.  I was fairly new to the fellowship.  Charles, who served as the lead usher, introduced me to Angela, who I instantly found to be friendly and engaging.   Obviously, it really helps to be pretty also! Initially we were simply casual friends.  We spent plenty of time talking about life, past relationships, and current events.  We discovered that we shared several common interests such as movies, restaurants, bowling, shooting pool (which I always beat her at), and ice skating.  The one major interest that me and my wife share is reading bible scriptures, particularly those from the New Testament We just love reading about the ministry of Jesus!  One of our favorite scriptures comes from Matthew 20:16 in which Jesus says, "So the last will be first, and the first will be last."

About four months after we first met, we started to date more seriously - thank God! Angela taught me how to love and also how to show compassion towards others.  I feel that Angela, my beautiful wife, has definitely aided with making me a better all around human being.  We will strive every single day to have a Christ-centered marriage.  We rarely argue and fuss over things.  However, if we were to have a serious disagreement over something, we both vow to never go to bed upset with each other.  Effective communication works!  Pray always works!

I would like to thank and acknowledge the wonderful contributions of the bridesmaids and groomsmen.  You all made the process leading to the wedding so much easier.  I wish to give a special shout out to Shirley, the maid of honor.  Shirley selflessly and tirelessly provided tremendous support to my wife over the course of the past nine months leading up to this very special day. Shirley shouldered much of the burden around planning the wedding and dealing with various vendors. Angela was thankfully spared from having to deal with lots of stress and aggravation.  However, my wife still managed to get on my last nerves whenever I was watching sports!  She would always say, "Get off that couch, God already predestined who will win the game!"

Angela, I give my divine promise to love and cherish you till the end of time.  Everyone, if you would please stand with me, I would like to propose a toast to the wedding party and also to my beautiful wife!   May everyone present enjoy the rest of this evening. Eat, drink, and be merry!