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Hello family and friends.  My name is Albert, the proud father of Franklin.  I was completely overwhelmed with joy witnessing my son exchanging wedding vows with Teresa.  After five years of courtship, today's wedding seemed like a long time coming. However, the wedding ceremony and reception was well worth the wait!  Today is truly a special day indeed!

Following up on the previous speakers, I also wish to thank everyone for taking time out of their busy lives to watch Franklin and Teresa tie the knot.  I want to give a special thanks to Tyrone who did a splendid job serving as Franklin's best man.  Tyrone made certain that Franklin arrived at the church on time, well dressed, and ready to say "I do"! I must confess, I threatened to beat Tyrone up if Franklin skipped out of town!

Allow me to say a few words about my son.  When Franklin was born, I prayed  that he would grow up to become a wonderful man, who would bring happiness to those around him.  Franklin has always shown a tremendous amount of courtesy towards family, friends, and strangers alike.  From grade school all the way through graduate school, my son was a perfect student (well, he got in trouble once during seventh grade - but it's all good!).  Franklin was a honors student and he excelled in sports, especially baseball. Today my son is a staff accountant at a prestigious CPA firm.  In his spare time, Franklin volunteers at the local soap kitchen serving lunch to those less fortunate.  Franklin truly has the heart of gold!  Me and my wife continue to be so proud of him!

When Franklin first brought Teresa to the house, I instantly recognized that they were meant for each other.  I saw how they looked at each other, with their dreamy eyes! Teresa laughs at all of Franklin's jokes - even those that aren't funny!  Teresa has helped Franklin become an even better person then he already was. Franklin's life with his wife in it is just about perfect.  I am confident that the newlyweds will enjoy a fulfilling marriage which hopefully will produce grandkids!  

To Teresa's parents, you did a great job in raising such a fine and caring daughter. Teresa has become like a daughter to me. Teresa conducts herself with class and is very bright.  Thank you for accepting Franklin into your family.  Most of all, I am thankful for your assistance (especially your financial assistance) in helping this wedding day become a success.  The two of you are welcomed into our home anytime!

As the groom's father, I am supposed to give the newlyweds words of advice regarding the keys to a successful marriage.  Drawing from my own marital experience to Louisa, there must be friendship, communication, and understanding.  Treat each day like the very first day you two fell in love with each other.  Don't allow for your relationship to become stale - even after the babies start to arrive!  Never go to bed having an unresolved argument.  Franklin and Teresa, remember that it isn't a matter of being married to the right partner, it is being the right partner!

Would everyone please stand with your glasses as I make a toast to Franklin and Teresa.  Here's to a life filled with never ending happiness!  May every hour be filled with health, joy, and love!