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Welcome, family and friends, to Sarah and Joseph’s wedding! I wish to express my deepest gratitude to all of you in attendance, especially those who traveled 
from far away. I wish to also thank the minister, photographer, deejay, as well as the catering staff for a splendid job this evening.

For anyone who does not know me, my name is David Thompson, the father of the beautiful bride, Sarah. I, along with my loving wife Ann, feel a profound sense of joy on our daughter’s special day. Allow me to give special recognition to Dennis and Gloria, for raising a fine young man in Joseph. We have long accepted Joseph into our family. I am happy to say that Joseph’s parents have also made Sarah a part of their household as well. I am so excited about giving this Father of the Bride speech. I have spent the past couple of weeks rehearsing. However, please bear with me if I need to resort to my cue cards during the course of this speech.

From the moment that Sarah arrived on the Earth, I knew that she was destined for great things. Even as a small girl, Sarah never settled for anything other then the best. While in elementary school, Sarah always strove to earn ‘A’s in all of her subjects. Whenever Sarah received a B grade or lower, she simply blamed the teacher! Just kidding baby! You simply studied harder. Your work ethic and focus remains razor sharp today. 

Sarah always had high standards when it came to men and dating. My daughter only talked to guys in high school and college who had positive life goals and behaved like a gentlemen. If a guy wasn’t acting correctly on a date, Sarah fired him on the spot! Yep, she gave him the pink slip right there and then!

Sarah met Joseph while away at college. Sarah never mentioned anything about Joseph for several months. This behavior was unusual for her because she never hesitated to talk to me or Ann about her dates. For some reason, Sarah wasn’t open about Joseph. When Joseph finally came over to the house, it was plainly obvious that her relationship with Joseph was unique. In getting to know Joseph better, I was able to see that he exhibited everything in a man that Sarah was looking for. Joseph carries himself with class. He is smart and highly intelligent. Joseph is currently studying for the lawyer bar exam!

Joseph immediately made himself feel at home. He became acquainted and quite comfortable with our television set, refrigerator, and recliner. Joseph checked in with us every other day! Seriously though, it was always a joy to have my new son-in-law around. I just can’t wait to return the favor at Sarah and Joseph’s new house!

Joseph proposed to Sarah last Christmas. Aside from today, I have never seen Sarah so happy! My daughter was so detailed in her wedding plans. Sarah wanted everything to go perfect…and she wanted to exhaust all of my money as well! Sarah had to have the very best. Up to this point, it looks as though my daughter got her wish!

As the bride’s father, I am supposed to provide some words of wisdom regarding marriage to the newlyweds. Me and Ann have been married for 26 years so I am somewhat of an expert on marital relations. I personally list love, friendship, tolerance, communication, and forgiveness as the core keys for a successful marriage. Work on growing your relationship each and every day. Do not simply become content with being married, actually enjoy being married!

I strongly believe in the love and commitment that you two possess for each other. You two are truly fortunate to have each other. Marriage will serve to make your lives more complete than it is right now. Me and Ann, along with Dennis and Gloria, are extremely proud sets of parents. We all will always be there to provide emotional support when needed.

Ladies and gentlemen, would you please all stand with your wine glasses as I make a toast to the newlyweds, Sarah and Joseph:

May your marriage be rich with happiness and joy!
May each day feel special!
May your deep love and passion for each other be renewed fresh every day!
May you always be blessed!