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Hi family and friends.  The moment of truth has arrived at this beautiful wedding.  For 

those of you who do not know me, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Scott

Wilson.  I have been given the distinct privilege of serving as Albert’s Best Man.  Upon 

receiving this assignment, I spent many hours conducting online research on wedding 

speeches.  To be perfectly honest, I feel excited and nervous. 

I understand that I am supposed to tell you important aspects about Albert’s life, 

perhaps even a couple of positive points! Before I start assassinating my friend’s 

character, I would like to acknowledge members of the wedding party.  I want to extend 

my deep gratitude to Debra, Tracy, Donna for being three wonderful bridesmaids.  To 

Sheryl, you are an amazing and beautiful Maid of Honor!  Thank you David, Larry, and

Randy for serving as groomsmen and for supporting me throughout the entire wedding 

process.  You three guys kept me on my toes.  It is nerve-wracking enough to prepare a 

best man’s speech.  Being given the added responsibility of looking after Albert in the 

months, weeks, and days preceding the wedding created extra pressure.  I mean, today 

I had to actually dress and even tie Albert’s shoes!  You all kept me from pulling my hair 

out!  Finally, let me thank James and Frank for efficiently ushering everyone to their 


I first met Albert in 1993 when we were both 13 years old and 7th grade classmates.  

We also attended the same high school.  I have shared and witnessed countless lasting 

memories with my best friend, who is nervously shivering over there.  Don’t worry 

buddy, I won’t spill all of your dark secrets, just one or two!   We were both in the 10th 

grade, when Albert decided to try to sneak into the varsity football team’s locker room 

and dress up as one of the team’s mascots.  When Albert was halfway dressed in the 

mascot costume, the team captain spotted him.  This dude was huge and angry!  Albert 

got scared and jumped over some training equipment to dash quickly out of there – with 

the mascot head still on!  He stayed out of sight for an entire month! 

Albert always aimed to make an impression on the females.  We went out on a double 

date during our senior year in high school.  Albert tricked the liquor store owner by 

disguising as someone older.  After drinking a very small amount of liquor, he started 

laughing uncontrollably and even tried to kiss my date!  

One truly great decision that Albert did make was making Lisa his girlfriend. The couple 

met in 2008 during a business event in midtown Manhattan at the Sheraton Hotel.  I 

have gotten to know Lisa pretty well over the past 3 years.  They seem to complement 

each other.  Lisa is sincere, caring, and organized.  Albert is talkative, sloppy, and 

always late…and by the way, he is sometimes funny, smart, and outgoing! 

In all seriousness, Albert enhanced my life, showing me what true friendship is all 

about.  He has always been there for me whenever I was going through some of life’s 

various issues.  If I needed a few dollars, he never hesitated to give me money.  If I just 

needed someone to talk to, he would stay on the phone with me for several hours at a


Albert, over the years, I have truly grown to love and respect  you like a blood brother.  

It has been a profound honor and privilege to serve as your Best Man on this special 

day.  Lisa is so fortunate to have found a man like you.   You and Lisa have shared fun 

times together and also fought through challenges.  Being married will definitely help 

you with discipline and patience.  My best advice to you is to just remember these four 

golden words – “You are right Lisa.”  Also never, ever forget your wedding anniversary!  

I am struck by the power of your love for each other.  I am one thousand percent certain 

that I will never be asked to serve as your Best Man ever again. 

It gives me great pleasure to propose a toast to the newlyweds.  Ladies and gentlemen, 

would you please stand with me and raise your glass as we wish Albert and Lisa a 

lifetime of love, joy and happiness!